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What are you going to do TOMORROW?

When you get up to go to work tomorrow, what are you going to feel like? While you’re driving to work tomorrow what will you be thinking about and what emotions are you going to be feeling?

Here’s what I’m willing to bet you. Most of you, the greater majority to be exact, well maybe even more than that, will feel a combination of a sense of panic, worry, wonder, envy, dread and fear.

Why all these negative emotions? Why would people in the greatest business in the world, one that allows us to help our fellow man live a better life and make money while doing that, why in the world should you not be feeling GREAT? Well, I’ll tell you what I believe. My beliefs are based on careful observation of people just like you for over 50 years.  Most of you have no sense of your goals, your plans or what to do with yourself almost every day of your life. You really, for the most part, don’t set yourself up to win, you allow yourself to fail, or at least be mediocre. At best!

I know you don’t want that to happen, so why don’t you call me today
(917-576-1230), right now in fact. I have the solutions to your issues. I have a business philosophy that is directed at YOU. I can help YOU! I’ve done it many times and I will do it with YOU!

Ralph LoVuolo Sr.

New BookTomorrow - Proven
Ways to Achieve Success

Ralph LoVuolo Sr. is more than just a coach, mentor or sales and marketing expert. With over 60 years of experience in the mortgage business, Ralph has developed a deep ability to understand what motivates people and then teach them how to maximize their abilities and effectiveness.

Whether in individualized or in group training, Ralph teaches the reasons behind the required actions, emphasizes building trust with referral partners, and details to his clients how to use The Law of Reciprocity in a compelling way.

He explains the "What and Why" and then shares proven techniques for the "How," so sales professionals can focus on action steps after learning the theory.

As a mentor and coach, he has helped thousands of sales professionals grow their strengths, overcome their weaknesses, and become accountable for progress toward their goal.

Ralph believes that an emphasis on persistence plus the application of his proven innovative strategies and tactics provide sales professionals with the perfect tools for the success they all desire.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Top questions people ask about coaching

How will our coaching sessions be structured?

Coaching is helping YOU to establish goals, wants and needs and most importantly, a personalized plan to accomplish and fulfill those wants, needs and goals. We will work TOGETHER to establish a minimum of four marketing initiatives that fit your personality. Together we will REACH FOR THE STARS!

What is the essence of coaching?

You, your goals, your strengths and weaknesses. Helping you to see that what you’ve been taught is not the right way to achieve the success you so desperately desire. Discipline and accountability must be followed.

How are you different than the others?

Together YOU and I will concentrate on YOUR needs by creating win-win-win situations for you and YOUR referral source.

Are there any hidden costs? Do I need to buy anything?

There are no hidden costs and nothing to buy except a notebook to retain the valuable information the Godfather gives.

What else will you do for me?

I will give you access to every paper, form, questionnaire or opinion that I have ever written. FREE.

Will you come to our office and speak to our team?

Of course I am available. I have a full day of training available for managers and salespeople.

Explain the interaction and your fees?

Once a week we will talk on the phone or Skype for about one hour to explore your activities and be sure you are working toward your goals and not getting sidetracked. Between calls, you have the opportunity to text, email or call if you have something important to address. Our fee is only $1,000.00 per month.