About the Mortgage Godfather

Why coaching?  Because helping people a is my true calling and focus, plus with humility, I'm very good at it!

Insofar as business is concerned, in the 55+ years I've been "in the mortgage business" I've more than likely done what you do. This gives me a foundation that others do not have.

As a coach/mentor I apply this exceptionally diverse base of knowledge: to listen to what clients see as their needs and challenges, and then together construct a long term positive, profitable, written, focused and attainable business and life strategy. The client and I then agree that I will hold them accountable to those strategies and goals. So the key becomes accountability.

I have known where my forte' lies for a very long time: it is my calling.

Fresh out of College, it quickly became apparent that my special abilities should be directed at helping others succeed. I fought this by becoming a salesman in the mortgage industry because of adoration of my father who owned his own mortgage company. My belief was and still is that coaching brings out the best in me, especially the need to read and help people. My gift originates in being able to listen and then make complicated strategies sound simple.

Coaching requires the capacities of psychology, patience, understanding, interest, prodding, humor, instruction, follow-up, persistence and accountability.

Coaching is a necessary part of any corporate business plan, yet the one part of the business plan that is most often ignored. The reason it is most important is that when done properly,there is no doubt that anyone being coached will produce better results from their initiatives. Coaching includes building a personal business plan, establishing marketing initiatives, personal evaluation, motivation, organization and a constant reminder, by the coach to remain positive and help others to follow through.