You thought I was going to get political on you, Huh!?  Yeh, well you’ve got to rethink that thought.

I want to know if you have both feet on solid ground or are they in the muck and mire, or just halfway in the muck? Are you working on getting better? Are you still doing what you have always done? Are you really trying to be a better leader, employer, employee, husband, wife, daughter, son, mentor, listener, speaker? Geez, I was just thinking about a very close friend of mine who will tell me when he reads this…. ENOUGH!! Stop the Madness! You made your point, move on!

Well, look, if there is anything I can tell you all from this vantage point of my life, with only 74.5 years on the planet that it is not a good idea to not be working to be better, that being stuck in the mud is just not a good idea. It really is true that if I am not getting better every day, every minute then I’m getting worse. I came up with the 1% Better Every Day slogan because I wanted to remind ME to be a better. I’ve been challenged on the slogan many times, because being 1% better every day is impossible to measure. Well, holy crap, like I didn’t know that? It doesn’t matter. What matters is that I try to make my life better, not for others but my SELF.

Here are some examples. Patience will get you to the end of this scribble; just give it a little time.

Have you ever read a self help book, heck, have you read ANY book, at least in the last year? That might start you on the being better path. Have you meditated, even for 10 minutes (That was hard for me. I didn’t know what amount of time to put there, so I picked an amount that would really take you to stop doing and just think.)  Have you had a sit down with anyone who could help you think about your future and just talked it out loud. Anyone? And the time can’t be spent rumor mongering, criticizing someone else and talking about BS. Concentrate on your SELF and how to be 1% Better…..Today!

Ok, all I’m asking is that someone, anyone who reads this, look at their day, their environment, their actions, their thoughts, their attitude, their love life, their relationships and their goals. Make today a better day for YOUR  SELF. Make your SELF better. You can.

See it’s all about attitude. Can you look at every occurrence in your day and see the good in it? Hard to do, but with practice, it gets better.

Have a GREAT day!

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      Great content! Super high-quality! Keep it up! 🙂

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      Good For You!!!! Important someone shed light on the subject matter. Meredithe Cordy Alcot

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